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On 2017-11-15

Live Demo of BI 4.2 SP6

  • FRANCE September 19, 2018 at 11AM CEST: Register
  • USA September 19, 2018 at 11AM EST : Register  


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July 26, 2018: Business Objects Version Control

Business Objects Version Control

June 13, 2018: Business Objects Sizing and Performance Testing

GDPR-Compliant in SAP BusinessObjects with 360Suite tools               

May 31, 2018: Become a Visualization Guru with SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

Become a Visualization Guru with SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

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On 2017-04-24

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  • 360Live: Live Monitoring and Alerting of servers
  • 360Eyes: BI on BI, GRC and impact analysis including BW & Data Services
  • 360Plus: Incremental backup, disaster and recovery, drag and drop or automated promotion
  • 360View: Find who has access to what, document security perform bulk updates
  • 360Bind: Compare reports from different enviroments, versions and find Data Discrepancies/Regressions 
  • 360Cast: Schedule and burst BO reports with easy destination, prompt & filter values update.
  • 360Vers: Version Control management Webi-Crystal-Univers. Check in/out/lock/history on all CMS objects