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On 2017-04-28

Europe: July 17, 2017 – 3PM CEST - 30 minutes. Register now!                 US: July 17, 2017 - 1PM EST - 30 minutes. Register now!



- Review the 10 best practice steps for leveraging 360Suite to complete a BusinessObjects migration 
- Pre-audit and perform in-depth analysis of the environment
- Optimize content by pinpointing usage and non-usage rate of reports, universes, objects, etc 
- Best practices to maintain optimized/efficient enviroments post migration 
- Simplify migration, save up to 80% on time and money


Meet our team at BI + Analytics Conference in Nashville

On 2017-04-25

Attend our session Gain Efficiency & Security in SAP BusinessObjects on Wednesday, August 9th at1:30PM:

Are you a BusinessObjects Administrator, BI Executive, or Developer/Tester of BI Content in your organization?  Do you ask yourself, or team to answer questions about your landscape, that seem impossible to answer?  Do you feel un-easy about the current level of risk regarding your Back-up, Disaster Recovery, or Content Testing plans?  Are you having to scale & manage your BI environment with less people on your team?  Come get your HANDS-ON a potential solution, that millions of users are leveraging at SAP BusinessObjects shops around the world, and see how it really works!


Find out more about 360Suite

On 2017-04-24

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  • 360Live: Live Monitoring and Alerting of servers
  • 360Eyes: BI on BI, GRC and impact analysis including BW & Data Services
  • 360Plus: Incremental backup, disaster and recovery, drag and drop or automated promotion
  • 360View: Find who has access to what, document security perform bulk updates
  • 360Bind: Compare reports from different enviroments, versions and find Data Discrepancies/Regressions 
  • 360Cast: Schedule and burst BO reports with easy destination, prompt & filter values update.
  • 360Vers: Version Control management Webi-Crystal-Univers. Check in/out/lock/history on all CMS objects